Who Am I?



My name is Claudia 'Kady' Nita

Drawing has always been my childhood delectation. I’ve studied informatics in high-school where I’ve learn CorelDraw and experimented with Photoshop and ProPaint. Throughout my education I took part at several drawing competitions one of which was organized by Procter&Gamble which gave away 12 computers to the winning school, for which I won the first place. I got the second place with a set of 4 stamps for "The David Bowker Prize" for Art and Design Competition in London at the annual exhibition, organized by WAES.

In 2005 I’ve got my first job as a graphic designer and worked for the second biggest paper and stationary factory in Romania, with over 150 employees and more than 500 secured clients in the retail network for supermarkets and hypermarkets plus other affiliated companies. I have created the concept for several new lines of notebooks and calendars, indoor and outdoor campaigns, fliers, brochures, books, folders, agendas, arch files, labels, covers, logos, business cards, invoices, cards, complimentary slips, envelopes, posters, lining, packaging, layouts, menus etc as well as produced the final design on montages for desktop publishing with Pantone and CMYK for mass printing production.

After I’ve finished my education with Adobe Suite, I’ve started to freelance as graphic artist in London. I got recommended to various clients with whom I maintain a close friendship. I really enjoy drawing and for my personal development I’ve focused on digital painting, illustration and photo manipulation. Following this path I’ve experimented with different medias, colouring techniques, adding textures, applying brushes to give more depth to an image and bring it somewhat to life and using vectors for high resolution images.